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Thompson's Take On Brain Cancer

Anyone that knows Trey Thompson, knows that he is caring, passionate, funny, generous, and endearing; a truly inspiring individual who has touched so many lives. Trey has been slinging pizza while studying Occupational Therapy at UNF, scheduled to graduate with his B.S. in Psychology during the Summer of 2015. Trey and his best friend, Shandy were married last year and nearly all of Jacksonville Beach watched their nuptials, a true testament to the sense of community that Jax Beach has offered to the Thompson family. Trey and Shandy reside in Jax Beach with their three year old son, Kasen, Trey’s brother, Cody, and their two dogs, Malia and Cali. And, until four months ago, Trey was a strong, healthy guy. He could be seen biking, jogging, and surfing around the beach. He had a wife, a handsome child, a house at the beach, and a career on the cusp of starting. His life was headed in a definitive direction. And then… It started innocently enough. Trey started getting spells of nausea and throwing up back in May 2014. Over the next couple of weeks, his symptoms became worse, with his throwing up increasing to 3-4 times a day. He dropped 40lbs in three months. He saw a GI specialist several times, received an endoscopy and a biopsy and they found nothing. The results were clean, no parasites and no ulcer. This continued through July. By August, Trey began getting really dizzy in addition to the nausea. He was unable to sit up in bed, walk, or do any task without throwing up or getting dizzy to the point of passing out. He went back to his GI doctor and brought up this new symptom. The GI doctor referred him to an ENT/Neuro Specialist. Trey was diagnosed with Vertigo. He was given treatment of physical exercises to do three times a day at home. These exercises only increased the symptoms with immediate fainting. The last week of August, Trey passed out while walking the UNF campus. Then, while on the way to pick up his three year old son, Kasen, Trey passed out while driving. This was the last straw. Michelle, his mother, admitted him to the ER at Baptist Downtown Jacksonville. After a 3 hour wait and two imaging sequences, they found a large mass on his brain stem. Trey was admitted to the Neuro ICU. Within 24 hours, Trey was in a 7 hour microscopic brain surgery on his brain stem. The tumor covered the entire brain stem and was growing around his cerebellum. The surgeons said that he was lucky he came when he did, and that if he waited, he would not be here today. The surgery went as planned and the tumor was sent off for pathology. Trey seemed to be doing well and recovering quickly in the hospital and was released .

Hanging the day before surgery

Two days later, Trey began having flu like symptoms and was rushed back to the hospital. Infectious disease tests were ran and all came back negative. While at the hospital, the pathology of the tumor came in. There were more tumors. And a diagnosis.

Rise and shine, it's surgery time.

Cancer. Brain Cancer. Trey is now in the fight for his life. For the rest of his life. You see, the Oncologist went on to tell the Thompson Family that, “The problem with brain tumors is that they will return.” Even with radiation and therapy options, his is guaranteed to see brain tumors again and throughout his life. Trey is embarking on a battle to beat cancer. And, once this battle is won, he will have to take on a war against these tumors for the rest of his life. Trey is a husband and a father. He has had to put his schooling on hold to battle cancer. Shandy is working full time while also acting as sole caretaker for her husband. Plans for a sibling for Kasen are being put on hold. Life as it was planned is being put on hold. Trey is going to need to call upon the support of friends, family, and the community in his family’s time of need. The outpouring of support has been tremendous and have been HUGE in keeping Trey and Shandy’s spirits high. So many have asked how they can help. Any and all help is being accepted with humble and gracious hearts. With life continuing and medical bills piling up, your donation is greatly appreciated.

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