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Thompson's See The Light

We want to start off by saying sorry for being a little distant. Although we had a little scare in February we were reassured that the fatigue was due to the rigourous 8 month chemo regimen that Trey was undergoing. He is starting to feel a lot better and energy level is top notch. Although we can't say cancer free just yet, we are finally at a safe point in this almost two year journey to say WE are kicking cancers ass. We have been a little distant because we are finally able to enjoy our family time without doctor appt. after doctor appt. Now that Trey's done with school (which was an insane accomplishment undergoing chemo, a new baby, and many other things that life seemed to spring upon us) we are able to kick back and enjoy our time together and take trips that we once thought we would never be able to take together. Trey is on a 3 month check up basis with his oncologist. June 27 with be his next appt. This will mark 5 months off of chemo so this will be an important scan/meeting with his doctor. We want to send our continued thanks to our supporters through this journey. We could not have done it without the love and commitment and the positive gestures, thoughts, and prayers.

"Cancer may have started the fight but WE will finish it"

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