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6 months down in CHEMOLAND

We have reached the six month mark in the first year of chemo. These last six months have been nothing short of an intense roller coaster ride. However Trey has been a champ through the process. Last month Trey had his perfusion scan done. It was not a good scan and technically not a bad scan. The tumor is still there, has not grown but has not shrunk. The scan still shows blood flow going through the tumor. The doctor informed us that the blood flow has slowed down, but does not appear that the tumor has done the calcification process we were hoping for. Even though we were praying for a calcifcation to have happened, we knew deep down that it would have had to have been a miracle to occur.

With the news of the tumor still being there we were still able to find the positive. When we embarked on the chemo path, we were informed about it taking 4-6 months to cross the blood brain barrier. Trey received his scan at the 5 month mark, so there is a chance that this month the chemo can start to work. Trey will continue the next six months on the chemo and still closely be monitored.

Now we are here at the six month mark, and it appears the chemo is finally kicking in. Our life like most Americans is extremely busy. This month we have had to put on the brakes. Trey is still in his high amazing spirits. We have started to incorporate naps and more downtime in our routine to help the ease the side effects of chemo. Cancer is tough, but if anyone can beat this thing it will be Trey Bonez.

Trey you are no ordinary human being, you are my hero.

"A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to perservere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles."

~ Christopher Reeve

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