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A Soft Closing on Cancer

This is our last and final update through giveforward. We want to thank everyone for the support over the last two years. We recently had our follow up scan. Happy to announce Trey's tumor is still stable. We have some cysts, fluid only, they will be watching over closely the next few months. We've experienced some mild side effects from his tumor over the past 3-4 months, but knowing his tumor isn't growing makes it easier to deal with. We now have officially been downgraded to scans every 4 months over the next year. By next October (fingers crossed) we will be moved to scans every 6 months! Our family, and the wallet, are really excited about this downgrade in scan frequency.

On another note, since we have gone through this battle, it makes me sad that Americans who are giving a disease that costs $$$, have to chose to go in debt to get the treatment they need. Politics aside, whoever comes into our presidency I hope health care becomes affordable. Each regular MRI scan with insurance costs us a thousand dollars, that is WITH insurance. If it weren't for give forward, the credit card we took out to pay for all of his bills would have been maxed out, and we would be drowning in debt.

Let's bring this back to some positivity, Trey is alive and well, our family is lucky to have two beautiful healthy boys, and we are coming out on TOP of cancer. We are looking forward to this holiday season and enjoying our many years together.

"Cancer changes us, there is no doubt about that. But it is up to us to decide what that change will mean in our lives and who we will become."

~Britta Aragon

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