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Halloween With Cancer In 2014

As of our last update, Trey is still having his dizzy and nausea (vomit) spells in the morning. We had contacted our neuro surgeon and met with his assistant. He was not sure why Trey was having it, but brushed it off as it was nothing to be concerned about. We asked if it would be good to have another MRI to verify, he stated it wouldn't be necessary. He suggested we contact our primary care to see if they could give some guidance... We did as directed, our primary gave Trey a prescription for zofran, this is a common nausea medicine for patients going through chemo. Our primary stated that if this did not work we really need to push back with our neuro about the issue. Unfortunately even with zofran, he is still experiencing these symptoms. We called back our neuro, and he had no answers for us....

Fortunately Trey's wife does not take "I don't know what to tell you" for a proper diagnosis. That day she was on the phone with MAYO. Mayo pushed us through and was able to get Trey an appointment in November. 24 hours after getting in touch with Mayo, the neuro surgeon's assistant called back. Reiterated the situation, and explained that if anything could be big enough to be causing his side effects that radiation should be taking care of it. That is when we informed him we have not started radiation. He was not sure why Trey had not started yet. After Trey got of the phone with him, oncology called shortly after. They wanted to start him in radiation the next day, and apologized for the mishap. Trey stated he needed to talk to the doctor before we went through with radiation. We had questions that needed to be answered first.

Next day we were in a meeting with the oncologist, explaining how Trey has been feeling and what is going on. We were concerned on the symptoms being back and if we should be searching into proton therapy rather than radiation. Doctor agreed that these occurrences were unsettling. He agreed with our request on wanting another MRI before we started our process. Although this is a new battle for our family, Trey seems to be winning the one over paralysis. Trey is now able to feel his right leg and walk "normal". He is still continuing PT/OT three times a week to work with his right arm. His therapist, feels strongly that this should not be a permanent issue. It appears that every week is a different battle. Although odds are not in our families favor, we are still very positive that we were given this challenge for a reason.

"Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results" ~ Willie Nelson

The Thompson Family


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