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Lost The Battle, But Not The War

First we want to start off by saying thank you. The support we have received near and far has been beyond our dreams. We love each and everyone of you and are forever grateful.

About a month ago, Trey started his symptoms again. Trey ended up losing his eye sight in his left eye. After talking to our doctors they agreed on needing new scans. We were handed the results last Tuesday. The doctor did not feel comfortable with the results and proceeded with a MRI spectrum, this MRI can look and measure the chemicals in the brain along with better images. We received our images and findings this morning. Although we started to embrace the results last week, our fears are now a reality.

However the news not being good we have options. As of now we are pursuing these options. Once we know more we will do another update.

Again, thank you everyone for your love and support.

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