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Past, Present, Future

This week due to Facebook, our "memories" reminded us of all the emotions we felt in September 2014. Although we will never forget, it was refreshing to feel all the "feels" all over again. We are reminded that we are lucky to still be here together, even with adding another addition September of last year. We have been reminded that the path to treatment was not easy, and the path to recovery still shows it's bumps. However our future seems better than ever.

Thinking back on the week following surgery, I remember having Trey's friends come insanely late just to help him "walk" the halls. As Trey full mooned the whole floor on his stroll on floor 10, it was the moment we knew we had the support we needed. Our family cannot thank our community enough. From having trouble coming up with the funds, to even being declined medical treatment due to insurance; our community pulled together and helped get us answers we needed. Whether your support came from watching Kasen, donations, or pointing us in the right direction for contacts, we literally could not be here together today without you all.

Our present moments have been relatively "quiet". Which we welcome with open arms. Trey is getting back in OT/PT per the doctor's orders, as his balance is still giving him a hard time. Every couple of weeks he will get a pretty severe headache, which is typically ceased by tylenol. With saying all of this, this will be our second to last update. Trey had his last scan at the end of July, although there is still showing a mass - we have 0 growth! Do not let this fool you, this is a victory. If his scan remains the same at the end of this month, we will be moved to every 3 months scans. After a full year of "clean", as in no growth, we will be put on 6 months scans. If all goes well, we will be moved to once a year scans! After 1 year of "clean" scans they will label it a low grade tumor. We are crossing all our fingers and toes, things go "as planned".

In hindsight, we are glad we went through this and had the support we did. Since the diagnosis and hardships, we have helped 4 families find the right assistance or contacts for their cancer needs. For all of those who are just now joining the battle, or still battling like we are, take care of yourself. Put your health first, eat right, follow the doctors orders, and tell your doctors everything. They are here to help you, and if they aren't helping there are plenty of others that are willing. We are not alone in this fight, YOU are not alone.

"What a long strange trip it's been"

~ Jerry Garcia; Grateful Dead

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