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Thompson's Add More Time To The Clock

It has been three weeks since our family has given an update. These past few weeks have kept our family extremely busy. From meeting with charities, non-profit groups, attorneys, doctors, the CEO of GSK, final exams, and everyday family life, we are now on "cruise control". Within these three short weeks we have conquered so much due to outreach, donations, and all around support. Again our family cannot say this enough THANK YOU. Words will never express the true meaning of our families gratitude during our time of need. Thank you to every person that has reached out, no matter how they have done it, thank you. This week half of our family is in North Carolina. Kasen is enjoying being spoiled by the grandparents, while Trey is meeting with doctors. Trey met with Duke doctors today and they supported our treatment plan. Doctors went over the scan Trey received this month informing good news. The tumor has not grown since his last scan in mid February. Although still there it has not increased nor decrease in size. Which is a good sign for our family. Duke provided our family with more information that we have not heard from our doctors. They explained that the crucial time period with ependymoma's is between 5-7 years after diagnosis and treatment. We couldn't be happier with hearing more time on the board. It's the little victories that matter nowadays. Duke also approved of the strict diet Trey has now started since treatment. Duke wished us luck and hoped not to see us back.

Mondays seem to be our lucky days in our house nowadays. As of our last update we were able to receive financial assistance with one of our chemotherapy's, temodar. As of last Monday, we are now receiving assistance with both treatments. Trey has officially been on both treatments for a full week! At the moment our family is taking advantage of the "quiet". Although our life is crazier than ever and we will stress once again as our next scan starts to creep upon us. We have a better feeling that our clock is not running out.

"Yesterday's the past, tomorrow is the future, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present."

~ Bill Keane Until our next update friends and family, thank you.

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