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Thompsons Take On An Emotional Roller Coaster

With good news always comes bad news, or so it seems in our case. First we will start with our good news to share. Last Friday Trey "graduated" from his walker to using a cane. He is slowly starting to have some feeling in his right leg. Physical therapy will still be working with him until he fully has feeling in his leg, as well as work on getting feeling in his right arm. Also on Friday, Trey was able to get his extra stitches taken out and now able to be out of the neck brace for 4 hours a day, instead of 1! We learned last week Trey's vision problem is actually a quick fix! He will need to wear a glasses with a special lens for about 6 months. The doctor assured us this will resolve his issue and will be back to normal by then. Today Trey gets his vision back! With that being said, our bad news is Trey's health in general. Although many positive moves, we have had some set backs. Trey has started throwing up again every morning and his daily nausea is back. It is just as bad as it was in June of this year. Trey has been off all of his pain medications for about 2 weeks, so doctors ruled out stomach issues related to those... We are looking to do another MRI to see if the mass is back to being big enough to have these affects. As of right now we are stuck between a rock and a hard place, he is unable to start treatments for another 2 weeks due to not being "healed" enough. But we do not want to go through another surgery. We are reaching out to a few other specialists for some second opinions on the matter. Thank you all for your support! These past couple of months have sure been a crazy ride!

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