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Taste the rainbow

Breakfast in our home, is never the same. Every day is different. Summer time is a favorite for smoothie bowls. We love them, all the best fruit flourishes during the summer season. The best part about the smoothie bowl, your options are limitless. You can do any and all fruits, or just stick to the basics (2 fruit selection). Who says you have to stop at fruits? Throw in some kale or spinach to help get your greens in.

Many moons ago, during our baby moon with our first we went down to Mexico. The all inclusive we stayed at was AMAZING. Fresh fruit all day, from the early hours in the morning all the way to midnight. Being pregnant, I ate EVERYTHING. During this trip was the first time I had papaya, and boy did we love it. I loved it so much, I even ate the seeds, #NoRegrets. Papaya is an awesome fruit. High in fiber, it contains the enzyme "papain", which aids in your digestive tract. Fun fact, papaya can also be used as a meat tenderizer (google directions if interested).

Our local farmer had an amazing crop turnout this year. This weekend while shopping, we decided to buy a few. Selfishly I was thinking more for a snack at work, but the kids seem interested in trying the fruit. Although I have had quite a few this season (4 possibly in one day, don't judge me) for myself, we decided this week we would incorporate them into our breakfast.

How do you smoothie bowl?

This morning's Papaya Boat contained:







Topped with granola and/or coconut

Can you guess whose is whose?

*Disclaimer, there were 4, Kasen just ate his before I could get a picture.*

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