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Last call for SUMMER break...

Florida weather is known to be capricious, one minute the sun is out shining, next minute complete downpour.

This summer has been pretty wet in Northeast Florida. We have had what feels like more rain than a typical summer. Beginning of summer break, we had TWO full weeks of rain. There are only so many indoor activities one can do before the kids go crazy.

With this being the last week of summer, we went for a full fun packed weekend. The weather did not look like it was going to cooperate, but we took the risk and lucked out, big time. First on the agenda, was an all out beach day. Little man is keeping the "Thompson" tradition going, thanks to Uncle Evan for helping him overcome his fear of the water. Check out that rail grab bro.

Next on the agenda, was what was looking like to be an empty promise to Kasen. All year long Kasen talked about how "This summer we are going to do the springs, right mom? Like one a month?". Of course we said "Hell yeah!"..... But life happened. With bad weather, and busy schedules we couldn't fit it in. This was our last weekend to (kind of) keep our promise. Thanks to Grampa for loaning us the ride to make our adventure happen! We loaded up EARLY, did our checklist, and hit the road. Our family decided to try Blue Springs in Orange City. It is about a hour and a half drive for us and only an hour outside of Orlando. With tiny still needing that solid two hour nap, it was the most feasible option without having a miserable baby on our hands. Mother nature was in our favor, our weather was PERFECT. Not a cloud in the sky until we left. Another family joined us for the adventure, and it was a blast. Snorkeling, paddle boarding, tubing, seeing manatees, and of course the playground, we did it all. Best of all, EVERY KID WAS POOPED!

As our weekend came to an end, we had our famous "pizza night". For those who do not know, Trey Bonez makes a MEAN pizza. This may be one of the reasons I married him (just kidding here guys, but I do love his skills in the kitchen). My favorite pizza being a margarita, hold the tequila, we indulged. It was delicious and a perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

Boys lending a helping hand.
Garlic is for lovers
When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie...

Pizza recipe coming soon....

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