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Surfing for a cause

For those that know us, know the struggle we have endured due to dealing with cancer. From personal experience to knowing others going down the same journey, it is not easy. It will never be easy. Since my diagnosis in 2014, our family has met so many people dealing with the same struggle. Some still fighting the battle (kicking its ass), and others have lost their war. There is a big problem with cancer; it goes beyond the financials, the illness itself, or the harshness of treatment(s). The problem with cancer, or any disease, people tend to forget about the person. Although I am very fortunate to have a strong partner who stood by my side for it all, not everyone has that person, or a solid support system. It was all too often I would hear in cancer support groups, “I lost all my friends after my diagnosis”. That is a frightening statement when you already aren’t feeling well. Shandy and I would throw ideas around on how could we help others like we have been helped. How could we create a community for those battling cancer and still wanting to live their life like “normal”? Fortunately for us and our busy life, someone had already walked in these shoes.

Live for Today foundation is a non-profit here in Jacksonville Florida that caters to young cancer survivors and those still battling. Their mission is to focus on living your life, not cancer. Their community has grown over the years; I am fortunate to be a part of their family. With monthly meet ups, life adventures, and the traditional facebook/social media pages, we can help others keep their life “normal". What I love most about LFT is their focus on health and well being. I am an advocate for a healthy life and to be involved with a group that has the same focus as you makes the cancer journey that much more exciting.

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