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It's so FLUFFY!

* Disclaimer* this may or may not be our best vegan creation yet!

As you may know, we love remaking recipes that we find worth the challenge. We ran across a fantastic vegan chocolate mousse at our local Native Sun which is where we purchased the ingredients. I'm pretty sure that Shandy is addicted. The other day she came home with four tubs, I knew it was time to make it ourselves. I will be honest I have never worked with many of these ingredients, but when she demanded that we remake the deliciousness, I was up for the challenge. The saying goes, "happy wife happy life." After several trial and errors, I feel like I have come up with a very close replica of my wife's favorite go-to desserts. Whoever thought to put Irish moss, dates together is the real MVP. Some of the ingredients are intimidating, but now is the time to open your mind and level up your culinary expertise.


1/2 cup of dried Irish Moss

1/2 Tsp Sea Salt

1 Tbs Cane sugar

1 Tsp of Lecithin

3/4 cup Carob Powder

1 Tsp almond extract or vanilla

1/2 Agave

1 cup Almond milk

1/2 cup of liquified Coconut oil

5-6 pitted Dates


1) The first step is to soak the Irish moss in about a cup of water, overnight.

2) Now set the Dates in warm water for about thirty minutes

to allow them to blend evenly. While the Dates are soaking combine the Irish moss in the blender with the remaining water and blend for 2-3 minutes or until it is a consistent substance.

3) It is now time to add all of the ingredients except the coconut oil and blend until smooth. Add any sweeter if you feel it is not sweet enough.

4) Once the mixture is consistent, add Coconut oil and blend for another minute.

5) Transfer the final product into a serving dish and let cool for approximately 30 minutes until the mousse has gained the desired consistency.

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