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To run or not to run? No looking back.

My wife is a rock star; there is no denying it. It takes a special person to be able to keep up with my wife, and I am fortunate to be that person. I am a proud husband and supporter of my wife. Shandy is passionate, driven, and has way too much energy. I have yet to meet another Shandy. Her passion for bettering others, while maintaining our lives is something that I admire. Although passionate about specific causes, she is annoyingly good at playing devil's advocate. Being able to hop the fence on a particular discussion makes her dangerous when it comes to arguments in our home. Yet she has taught me to grow. Shandy has made me a better person, from little things like balancing a bank account (shout out to Vystar), to pushing me to pursue a master's degree. She has been a major influence of who I have become.

For those who knew us prior kids, or even know us very well with kids, you can attest to how much Shandy cares about our little beach town. As our family has grown, the range of topics she intimately cares about and obsessed over has evolved. I was born and raised in Jacksonville Beach, like many others. However, I can safely say I have only been to three town halls my entire life. Shandy, on the other hand, has been to so many I have lost count. To be honest, I do not know one other person in my beach cohort that is involved as she is. On our calendar, there is always some meeting, or agenda, that she is attending or an issue she is out spreading the word. If I could give my wife an anthem, it would be "We've got the same 24 hours." Yet she does more with hers, than most do with a whole week.

She whole-heartedly believes in community involvement, believing this is the only way to better our beach. She puts us locals to shame. A "townie" came into our home and is more involved with our local government than us. I am proud of my "townie" wife. She will argue that she is not a townie, as she is not from Duval, but we will agree to disagree on this. (I'm right though.)

We purchased our home back in 2009 in an area of the beach that has been for most of my life seen as "the problem" with the beach. The realtor and others tried to pursue her from buying our home. However, Shandy persisted. "This was the one." She would tell me she fell in love with our beach due to the sense of community, and walkability amongst other things. She still feels that way. Instead of avoiding or neglecting the area, she feels we need to put more "love" into it. Over the years we have seen the change, some good and some, well, not too good happening in our district. From over development of homes on too small of properties, to what appears to be a push to only increase tax revenue, while neglecting our beloved community events at our local Carver Center. Shandy has felt the best way to address a bull is to face it and grab it by its horns, and that is what she wants to do…

It gives me great pleasure to announce that MY WIFE is running for Jacksonville Beach City Council! You read it here first (well second thanks to Beaches Leader), Shandy Thompson for City Council Seat 4 District 1.

That's my babe, insert all the heart eye emoji's. Her platform, which shouldn't really be called a platform as this is how it has always been, is about public safety, keeping our beach "beachy", transparency, and supporting /commitment to our LOCAL citizens. She wants to better the community for all, rather than just a small population, which is what it often feels like the direction our beach is taking. For those that would like to get to know her better, have some ideas for a better community, or if you feel like you have some concerns about our beach, please reach out to her. My wife loves to listen, enjoys meeting people, and LOVES to talk.


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